5 Best Online Platforms to Monetize Your Artwork


The art market is not for the weak at heart.

If you are a budding artist who wants to successfully sell your masterpiece, you will soon feel that an art market is definitely a daunting place. However, it is not impossible to conquer. Though the online market does not necessarily make it easy, it offers more opportunity and platforms to reach your target buyers.

Here are five e-commerce outlets which maintain their “curatorial” standards.


Artfinders directly connects art lovers and independent artists through its online site. Every art piece is an original work complete with the artist’ signature. With the use of an AI, Artfinders helps personal shoppers buy art as enjoyable as living with art.

Buyers can find more than 300,000 collections of incredible paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures including paper sculpture art, drawings, collages, and digital art ranging from $13 to $11 million.

The application is free and the profile is user-friendly. You can easily set up your profile, price your artwork, and easily plan the shipping for your buyers. Take note that the seller shoulders the packaging and shipping fees, so adjust your price accordingly.

Expected Cut: 67%

Saatchi Art

Saatchi considers itself as the world’s leading online art gallery which offers a vast selection of art in different styles such as impressionism, abstract, minimalism, realism, expressionism, street art, and even pop art.

With more than 60,000 artists using its website, Saatchi is able to gather more than 500,000 artworks globally. Creating a profile is easy and then you can add an extra boost to your artwork by gaining a “seal of approval” form of the site’s curator.

The payment comes within one to two week via PayPal, check or wire transfer after the artwork has been delivered to the buyer.

Expected Cut: 65%


Since its launch in 2006, UGallery has grown around 2 million followers and now sells artworks to 45 countries. Only original artworks are accepted – strictly no posters nor un-auditioned prints are accepted.

From five artist and 25 artworks on its debut, UGallery now has 500 artists and more than 7,000 artworks in its gallery. And while some online art marketplace has a free application, UGallery currently charges an application fee or $5.

Once an order has been made, the Ugallery will send the customer the art boxes that they can use for shipment. If the artwork is outside the United States, the artist will shoulder the shipment costs and will be disbursed 30 to 40 days.

Expected Cut: 50%

Absolut Art

Absolut Art is proud to seek global artists and feature their arts online and in various art fairs in different institutions such as Centre Pompidou and Whitney Museum.

If the site sounds like the famous spirited drink, then it’s because Absolut Vodka owns the site. the company collaborated with Andy Warhol to create a unique bottle design. After the undeniable success,  Warhol was asked to suggest other artists to join Absolut. After 30 years, Absolut Art grew with more than 600 artists of various race, gender, class, and ethnicity.

More than 400 artworks are in its gallery ranging from $105 to more than $3,000. Absolut takes care of the packaging and can ship globally.

Expected Cut: 50%

Tappan Collective

Tappan Collective aims to break away from the traditional art paradigm to provide art collectors with a full-service art interim. Emerging artists can sell their works, tell their stories and reach art collectors all over the world. There are more than 1,300 artworks created by 50 artists who are using the Tappan Collective.

The site has a minimalistic design though with an Instagram vibe. Navigation is easy and predominantly curated based on the similarly muted color palettes. If you are a budding artist who does not know where to start, you can join the various programs created by the website.

Expected Cut: Undisclosed

The art market is ever evolving. Whether you are a traditional artist or one that goes with the flow of technology, you have room to show what you’ve got. Take advantage of the online platforms, get discovered, and widen your reach now.

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