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WordPress Updates and Plugin Issues

If you didn’t already know it, WordPress has another security update, version 2.8.5 is now available and your WordPress blogs do need to be updated. (if you would like for us to the update for you, you can contact us here).

However, that’s not the reason for today’s blog post. Nope, today I want to talk about plugins and issues they can cause. One of them happened to me this morning when I was updating this blog here at Business Blogs to the latest version.

What happened is this. After the update you normally login to your admin area and WordPress let’s you know that either the site has been updated to the latest version, or in some cases it goes through a second step where the database is also updated. But today I logged in and there was nothing. Zero, zilcho, nada. A blank white page.

Now this is not my first rodeo and I already knew what the problem likely was, but to many non technical folks, seeing that blank page might scare the beejeezus out of them. So I thought I’d make today’s post about how to fix it.

For me, all I had to do was delete a plugin from the server that was causing the issue. In this case it was the Google Analytics plugin for wordpress. So I connected via FTP (you can download a free FTP program here) and deleted the offending file. The problem could have been any one of several plugins, so you can always download them all, then delete them off your server / hosting account and then re-upload them one at a time to see which one is causing you issues.

Remember, do a complete backup every time you do anything, including updates. Your blog may contain months, even years worth of posts, like this blog does. So having a backup of all that hard work is important.

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