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Writing about what is important

Blog Doubt

Staying on track with your blog can be a bit tricky. After a while, a business blogger can venture off the path, taking it in a direction that will not help business, that will not help sales.

Usually it’s not done on purpose. It’s just that the line of thinking changes, and so does the line of discussion. Partly because after a few months, most every primary part of the company and it’s services have been covered. So instead of looking for smaller, but equally important business aspects to blog about, they get off on a tangent.

It happens to me. I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’ll look at a day or two’s blog posts and wonder, “what exactly was my point there?” What was I trying to get across with that post?

But I don’t harp on it. Because we don’t edit posts on our blogs, nor do we erase them. We just keep on blogging.

So that’s my advice to you if you get off on a tangent. Don’t sweat it. Get back to what is important with today’s post. If your blog post contains something super erroneous, something that might hurt business, then you might want to consider editing it. But for most stuff like this, a quick adjustment with a comment can clarify anything that needs it.

Mostly, you’ll find a few posts in your blog that don’t do much for you, content wise. It’s no big deal, everyone has bad days, this includes the most famous writers in the world.

So move on. If your blog is off track, get it back on track. But focus on today’s blog post. Because it is the most important one. Yesterday is done, and tomorrow hasn’t come. Write solid content today, and remember, it’s all about business. Your business.

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