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It was bound to happen

It was.

I missed a day blogging here.

I could make a bunch of excuses about how I couldn’t get online and make a post here at Business Blogs yesterday, which is true, but I won’t…. :)

Point is this. It happens. No harm, no foul. It’s going to happen with your business blog as well from time to time.

The real deal is that you can’t let one missed post on the company blog turn into two. Then three, then four, then ten. Get it? It’s important to pick up the next day and keep your blog alive. Your readers want to see fresh content and so do the search engines.

Personally I still don’t feel very well and I’m coughing like a hound dog. But I needed to check in here and let you all know I’m still kicking. Not much to write about today, I feel like I’m in a fog from the cold medicine.

But what’s cool is that my team isn’t sick. We have pro bloggers all over the world that handle our client blogs. So if you’re wondering if I do all the blogging for our customers, the answer is NO WAY. LOL.

Nope. My blogging is here. Sorry I missed yesterday. But I’m here today.

So keep on blogging my friends. I’ll chat with you all tomorrow.

Maybe. :)

Just kiddin’

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