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Joe the Plumber Needs a Blog

During the last round of presidential debates, there was quite a bit of mention for “Joe the Plumber.”

Now, you’ll get a lot of different web addresses, depending on who you ask, as the official “Joe the Plumber.” If you go to you’ll see that they are selling what they are calling the “official” t-shirts.

But none of the top listings are for a site relevant to the Joe in the debates. Nope, the real Joe is some guy in Ohio, and unfortunately, Joe doesn’t have a blog that I’ve been able to find.

Neither do the top listings in Google for the term. Even the so called official site has no blog. Which I find sad. Because all of the Joe’s, from Texas to Ohio, California to Florida, and all parts beyond, can use one. You see, while Joe may know plumbing, he doesn’t seem to know much about the web, search engines, traffic, or gaining quality search terms. Nope, Joe the Plumber is flat missing the blogging boat.

It’s too bad, because Joe might have sold more than just a few T-shirts from his fifteen minutes of fame courtesy of the presidential candidates. Each and every Joe could be the king of his plumbing market if he only had a plumbing blog.

Yup, that’s right, a plumber’s blog. Because whether you are a plumber or a presidential candidate, an attorney or the owner of a car wash, a blog can still help you and your company. Bringing in new clients and more business. All from posting fresh content every day.

Joe, call us, we can help. We can have your blog up and running tomorrow and maybe turn your fifteen minutes of fame into several years of quality web traffic. All from putting together a business blog.

We can help Joe, and your business too. Call us at (559) 761-0910 to find out how.

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