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Community is the Key

I get emails every day from readers of this and some of my other blogs. Many of these contain comments like “how do you find this stuff” and “you are really great at finding….”. To which I say, thank you, but I have to admit that more than 50% of the time, it’s not me.

Because the other emails I receive are from readers making suggestions, sending videos, links to interesting or relevant articles, etc. It’s the community that makes the content great, not only the blog writer. The more active your readers are, the better your blog / website will become.

But to build a community, you have to think community. What do I mean by that? I mean that you need to write your blog in such a way as to include the reader in the content. Ask them questions, talk to them with your writing just as you would if they were sitting across the table from you. Even if you are building a brand new blog and you know that nobody is reading it, write it as if multitudes already read it every day. Because someday, they just might.

And they won’t just read the new posts you are writing today, no sir. They will be coming in from the search engines on many different pages. Pages you may have written in the first few days of the blog. So those pages must also contain that community flavor.

The community is the key to your website’s success. If you build a rock solid blog community your traffic will continue to grow. If your traffic continues to grow, your business will grow.

Which was the whole reason you started business blogging, right?

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