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Consultants and pro bloggers – can I get some fries with that?

One of the biggest search terms is ‘work at home’. So it’s really no surprise that you can find jillions of people offering up their services online. One of the areas that is getting saturated is, of course, blog writing and consulting.

But how do you know that choosing ‘Wendy Lou’ from Omaha to write your company blog is going to help you with your blogging goals? Is it simply convenient and cheap to have her write your blog each day? Did you hear the ‘content is king’ buzz phrase and just decide to find the cheapest possible solution to adding it to your site each day?

Maybe our Wendy even told you that she was an expert blog consultant…

But is she? How do you know? Did you ask her to see some of her clients blogs? When you took a peak at those blogs did you like what you saw? Or did you just like the fact that it had some updates that were fairly frequent?

The problem with a deluge of people seeking online work in the field of business blogging is that you might be paying for something that won’t help you very much. Though your consultant or pro blogger might add content every day to your site, it might not be content that you want. Because your pro blogger might not have a clue about what it is that you do.

How much time did ‘Wendy’ spend learning about your business? Does she know who your potential clients are and more importantly, does she know how to SELL?

To be effective, your blogger needs to know some stuff. They need to know the basics of search engine optimization, content, how people search, and about your products and services. Your business blogger, if they are a pro, should spend some time learning about what it is that you do.

If they simply offer to start blogging tomorrow, without asking you the specifics, your blog may be doomed from the start. Yup, it was cheap, but just like a cheap hamburger, it might leave you with a bit of an upset stomach and wishing you had went for a little better quality.

We covered this a few days ago, but let’s hit it again.

This giant flood of would be business blog managers is why most business blogs suck. It’s why they are boring and unproductive. Because the site owner read somewhere that ‘content was king’. They didn’t bother to read any further. They didn’t see that more was going to be needed if that blog was to be a successful addition to their website.

Let’s face it boys and girls. EVERYONE has a blog these days. Most of your competitors are blogging their guts out. Screaming “content, content, content”… “We need more content…”

But they are missing the finer points. They are missing the boat when it comes to providing a real resource that is going to increase their overall sales numbers and make their site better in the long run.

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