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Brand protection and reputation management

search engine reputation

1. the estimation in which a person or thing is held, esp. by the community or the public generally; repute: a man of good reputation.

Either you run a successful website, or you intend to. (not many other reasons to read my blog here…)

So of course, your online reputation is important to you. But what are you doing to protect your brand? What steps are you taking to protect your online reputation?

One of the services we offer here is reputation management. More times than not, it’s reactive rather than proactive. Companies come to us in need. Their business being slandered online, or a slew of bad press is killing them in the search engine result pages (SERP).

The thing is, many of these companies could have spent far less on their overall reputation management and brand protection if they had been proactive. Considering the fiscal impact, IF a negative campaign should be launched against their company. If this is done long before it happens, the overall cost to the corporation is far less. Because if done correctly, the reputation blast never impacts them.

That’s right, if you work on your company’s reputation and cover the bases before it’s ever needed, your business might just escape the attack all together.

Some of the methods your company should be using are really no brainers. For example, does your company own the “sucks” versions of it’s domain names? Google does. Do you need a better role model?

The reason Google owns the sucks version of their name is simple. For less than ten bucks a year, they can keep anyone else from building a website designed to hurt their reputation.

To take it a step further, Google also owns the .org, .net, .info and a few others in the “sucks” realm. All done completely as a super cheap reputation management technique.

Had they decided not to register these domains, it might have cost them millions. Rather than just a few pennies.

Get my drift?

Understand, one of the first searches many potential clients do is one that contains your company name, followed by “sucks”. It’s become a very common thing to do when considering doing business online.

So buy the domains for your company if you can. It can give you some security for your brand and it can help with future reputation issues. If you block the problem before their is a problem, it’s always less expensive. Negative branding and negative search management after the fact can be a nightmare. It’s expensive and time consuming. It could literally impact your business for a year or two.

So get some cheap insurance.

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