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Start Blogging, Anytime!

I won’t load you down with excuses or reasons for why I haven’t been blogging regularly here. Let’s just say, I’ve been busy…. :)

But there is good news in this regard. You see, you can start blogging anytime. Even if it’s a restart. Like me lately, some of you may have a blog that’s been neglected. A blog not posted to for a week or two, maybe even longer.

Does this hurt you in the search engines? I’m sure it does, but I have no real proof to this. I can say that it definitely impacts your readership and the amount of people that come back to the site every day.

However, I don’t believe you really lost anything when it comes down to search engine penalties. Time and time again I’ve seen abandoned blogs restarted with great results. Grabbing a whole new set of search listings, search traffic and new customers.

All you have to do is do it.

Now, don’t take this as permission to neglect your blog either. You have to remember that your competitors are blogging everyday. So the days missed are days you are not in the race with them. Days they are gaining ground. Days you’ll never get back. You have to stay in the race to win the race.

So let’s get to blogging boys and girls! And yes, that does include me too!

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