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It’s officially time for everyone to stop screaming, “You need a blog!”

Everyone already knows they need a blog, so let’s move on. There are literally millions of blogs now, and if you’re trying to improve your SEO and stay up with the competition, you already know you need one. Odds are, you already have one.

What’s more common these days are the shouts of how ineffective blogs are. That they are not helping the bottom line and that companies are not seeing the overall benefit of adding content to the respective blogs. But understand, it’s really not an option at this point. It’s more of a maintenance thing now.

You see, your competitors are blogging every day. It’s not whether you blog anymore, but rather, how much. If you don’t blog at all you probably will get lost in the dust. So at this point of the game you may just be blogging to hold your ground. You may not see the miracle blog results that were common a few years back, you may just see average growth.

But it will be more that what you would see should you decide not to blog. Because content is still indeed, KING. Google has not ended it’s blog love affair by any stretch of the imagination, nor does it look to be something that might happen in the near future.

Nope, you need blog content and your going to need it for a long time to come. Like web hosting, blogging has become a standard for doing business online.

Is a blog going to be the miracle that your business needs? Maybe, maybe not. But you probably won’t be able to do without one either.

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