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Google investing in your business?

Is Google going to be financing your next business venture with their new venture capital group?

I’m going to say that you probably shouldn’t count on it just yet….

Google is close to launching it’s venture capital group, according to zdnet:

The news that Google is close to launching its own venture capital fund may raise a lot of hopes, but the history of corporate investment isn’t fantastic and comes with a heavy price for portfolio companies that win a corporate sweepstakes. It also tells a lot about Google’s own sense of its ability to innovate from the inside—that doesn’t mean they don’t think they can innovate, but that it may be more strategically advantageous to do it from the outside. Because Google’s brand comes with baggage that could turn off would-be collaborators and partners.

Can you say bum rush boys and girls? It’s going to be tough to get Google’s attention as a startup. But you can bet that there are stars in a lot of eyes today. Dreaming of knocking on Larry Page’s front door with a business plan drawn on a napkin.

But don’t start counting that dough yet. I agree with Mitch Ratcliffe. The venture capital Google is putting up may not be the easiest to get a piece of.

Dunno, only time will tell. I will say that Google is definitely showing just how big they are and how much bigger they want to become…

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