Any good Do It Yourselfer needs a good set of tools. I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of resources for all your entrepreneur needs. I will add more as I come across them or personally use them. Feel free to contact me with suggestions for the list. 


Website Tools 

Bluehost: This website is hosted by Bluehost. I have hosted websites with other companies, and I would recommend Bluehost. It is easy to use, and has easy 1-click install of frameworks like WordPress. Their prices and customer service also are better than other companies.  



Microsoft Surface: I personally love the Microsoft Surface. I own a Surface Pro 2. It is lightweight, it has a touchscreen, but most of all it is a tablet with the full power of a computer. I can do everything from watch a movie or write in bed, to write with the stylus pen while in a meeting with a client. It really is the best of both worlds. With as much as entrepreneurs are on the go the Surface is a worthwhile investment. I often finding myself saying "I am glad I bought my Surface." The one thing I will say is make sure you buy a Pro version. It is more expensive but otherwise you are just getting an overpowered tablet. 



Office Management 

FreshBooks: Freshbooks is a bookkeeping software used by millions of small business owners. It is easy to use and really streamlines the process of billing. I really like that it is cloud supported so you can access from anywhere from any device. Having some sort of bookkeeping plan is essential for any DIY Entrepreneur.  


Mile IQ: This cellphone app can save you thousands on your taxes. It uses your GPS to log the miles you travel. You can then categorize trips as either personal or business. It has been so nice for me not having to remember to log trips to visit clients or going to networking meetings. It is a great app, and I am going to be able to deduct a ton on my taxes this year.




Online advertising can prove to be very beneficial to your business. Most people are now going to search engines to find what they need. 

Google Adwords: Adwords allows you to run marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to certain keywords. Your ads are only shown to those you want to see them.

Google Adsense: Adsense is a way to monetize your website. This puts advertisements on your website. When people follow the links you get paid.




One of the most important parts of success is constantly learning. Below are books I recommend business owners read. This should be just the beginning of your consumption of books to improve yourself. 











*Full Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links and I do make money if you make a purchase, however I only put links to items I personally recommend affiliate or not. 



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