By Mark Oldberg: November 10, 2017: Video



8 Weeks to Launch Checklist 


When you decide that you want to start a business there is a lot you need to do. I would say the first step you need to take is assessing the situation and that is 2 pronged. First you need to assess the line of business you are wanting to go into and second you need to assess yourself.

You assess the line of business by conducting what is called a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You are assessing these things as they relate to your potential business. I would also suggest at this time deciding what success looks like for this business. Is success just bringing in an extra $1000 a month, or do you want to build a business empire.

The second assessment is assessing yourself. Do you have a background in business? What areas do you need to brush up on in order to successfully run this business? Do you need to learn more about accounting, taxes, managing employees, how to manage inventory, marketing, selling, or any other business related categories? The truly great companies out there are doing 2 things. They are proactive instead of reactive, and they are constantly conducting self-assessments.

If you want guidance on what your next steps are in business, download our 8 weeks to launch checklist. It shows you step by step what you need to be doing to go from business idea to business launch.

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