8 Week Business Training Course

Let me be your guide to business success.


This course teaches you everything you need to start a successful business, and it will save you at least $18,000 in startup costs.

Getting a small business up and running is difficult. Trying to figure out things like LLCs, trademarks, marketing, and taxes can often times discourage people from pursuing a good idea. Well that is why the DIY Entrepreneur created a business training course that teaches you exactly how to start a business. 

This online course is taught by a small business attorney and accountant who has consulted hundreds of startup businesses, and he has agreed to share his knowledge for a fraction of what he charges clients. The legal lesson alone will save you more than the cost of the course.  

Starting a business is complicated and most businesses fail because they don't know what they are doing. If you take this course you will have the tools and knowledge to succeed. 


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Limited Number of Spots in Each Class


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My goodness is this course worth the money! This saved me from a lot of mistakes I clearly would have made.

I mean you wouldn't get this much practical guidance from a $100,000 business degree. ~ Chris W.





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