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Recession Solution for Small Business

I keep hearing how companies are tightening up the reigns in order to make it through these tough economic times. I understand the thinking behind it, but I think there is another side to this coin. One that every small business really should be looking at.

The thing that is not being discussed much is what will happen AFTER the recession…. More importantly, where will your online venture rank? If you have opted to stop blogging or working on your overall web presence, you might find yourself sitting in an even worse position later.

Because even though these are tough times, they are also full of some really fantastic opportunities. Stop and think about it for a second. If your competitors have slowed or completely stopped their web efforts, now might be a ripe time to overcome them in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It might even be easier and more affordable than you ever imagined.

If you have a minute, do some research on the winners that came out of the Great Depression. You’ll find that every single one of them used super tough economic times to their advantage. The recession we’re going through now is no different. When it’s all said and done, their will be a whole new group of internet millionaires as a direct result of actions taken NOW.

Instead of cutting costs, consider doing some of that much needed promotion you’ve been toying with. If you don’t have a business blog I suggest you get one. Bring your company ahead of those that are hiding in the cellar right now.

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