By Mark Oldberg: June 28, 2016: Blog


So you are thinking about (or have already signed up) becoming a Takl provider and you are looking for the keys to successfully making money as a Takl provider? 

Being a Takl provider can be an excellent way to make some extra money, but what if it could become a lucrative business? Start with these 4 easy keys to making more money as a Takl provider and you could quickly be on your way to building your own handyman or landscaping empire. 

1. Arrive Promptly

The idea behind Takl is that I can order a job and boom someone is there. If the job is requested for As Soon As Possible, that means As Soon As Possible. There have been complaints about Takl providers taking their time to show up to ASAP jobs or showing up just to assess the situation and saying "ok I will be back tomorrow." When you are ready and sign up for a job, arrive promptly and do the job quickly and well. Remember the customers are rating you and that will determine your ultimate success. The idea behind doing the work well is that the customer should think of you first next time they need something done. 

2. Be Courteous 

When you go into someone else's home, treat it with the utmost respect. Go the extra mile by cleaning up after yourself as well. Do things like:

  • Make sure all debris and trash is taken with you, 
  • Bring a small handheld vacuum for inside jobs,
  • For outside jobs like mowing also blow your grass clipping off the walk and driveways, and
  • Make sure not to track any dirt inside by wearing shoe covers like these.

3. Have the Right Tools for the Job

This is one that will save you and the customer a lot of headache. To make any money being a Takl provider you are going to need some tools. You want to make sure you are prepared to do the job in a timely fashion, otherwise the customer wont be happy and your hourly wage wont be very high. For example, if you show up to rake the leaves of a two acre yard with just a rake and some trash bags you are going to be there a while. Also if you already have plenty of tools and equipment, make sure you bring them to the job sight. Your 301 Piece Professional Tool Kit wont do much good if you don't bring it to the job. Takl jobs are meant to be completed immediately, not assessed and then scheduled for the next day. Show up to the job ready to work, not to just check it out.   

4. Be a Legitimate Business

Yeah you may end up being a great Takl provider and earning a few extra bucks, but if you could make it into something so much more wouldn't you? Think of Takl as free marketing for a new business you are starting. You should come up with a name for your new business, form an LLC, have a website, and hand out business cards on every job. Take advantage of the Takl advertising money by getting in the customer's door and then being the number on the refrigerator the next time they need something. This is a perfect no risk situation to do great work for someone that could start a word of mouth referral network. But to get that repeat and referral business you have to ask for it. So don't waste this opportunity to change your future. 



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Want to Learn How to Make $100k a Year as a Takl Provider?

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Want to Learn How to Make $100k a Year as a Takl Provider?

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